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air-mover_servicemaster_thumbF259 – Ace

Very low amp draw
Six position versatility for handling a wide range of drying applications

sm-disaster-clean-up_thumbF351 – Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer®

Underside drying vent
Lower amp draw
Daisy-chain capability with convenience outlet and circuit breaker

air-mover-botto_thumbF350 – Sahara E

Underside drying vent
Built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew in this machine.

drizair2000__thumbF410 – LGR 2000

Built-in thermo-hygrometer monitors and displays inlet and outlet conditions.
Automatic humidistat control.
Automatic high temperature mode – no manual adjustments required.

evolution_lgr_thumbF292 – Evolution® LGR

LGR technology boosts effective operating range
Compact size – only 92 pounds
Draws only 5 amps – but removes up to 70 pints/day

Immediate availability

water-damage-chicago_thumb401 – Power Generator

Durability – High Output Capacity for Demanding Situations. Feature OSHA approved receptables. Commercial-duty steel gas tank.

Limited availability

rescue_mat_thumbF286 – Rescue Mat Hardwood Floor Drying System

Dry out water-damaged hardwoods from above! The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower like the DriForce to vacuum water vapor right through the surface of the floor.

Immediate availability

chicago_thumbF229 – DefendAir HEPA 500 – Powerful air scrubber

Powerful air scrubber and negative air machine High efficiency air filtration, the maximum clean air rating from AHAM

Immediate availability