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ServiceMaster Smoke Damage Restoration Chicago

Smoke Damage Restoration

No one ever expects a fire to burn through their home or to have to deal with the cleanup that comes after the fire but it happens, every day. Fire causes many different types of visible damage, but what you often can’t see is the smoke and soot damage. It is important to call in a professional who knows what to look for and how to deal with it in order to properly clean up the damage the right way.

Why a Professional?

ServiceMaster Restoration by RCS provides quality smoke damage restoration services. We know how to prevent further damage from occurring. This damage can be caused by:

  • Ash and smoke that can continue to cause damage and corrosion to materials if they are left behind
  • Odors from smoke that will stay in a room or a home long after the fire and continue to cause a problems if they are not removed
  • Discoloring the walls and other surfaces (this can happen in just a few minutes)
  • Turn the finish on kitchen appliances yellow (this happens in a few hours)
  • Smoke causes etching in glass after just a short time, and smoke will tarnish metal quickly. Anything in either of these metals should be replaced.

Smoke Damage Restoration

What Should You Do?

The two things you should do after a fire are contact your insurance company and contact ServiceMaster Restore® for fire damage and smoke removal. The quicker the cleaning process starts, the less residual damage will occur and the lower the cleanup cost will be. The best way to find out the cost of the smoke damage restoration is to have an initial cleaning to see what kind of permanent damage has occurred. From there the process of smoke damage restoration can start.

You should also:

  • Have dishes and utensils cleaned and then inspected by a professional before using again to make sure they are safe
  • Dry clean all clothing and upholstery
  • Dispose of any opened food containers
  • Deodorize the carpets and curtains before they are cleaned

There are several chemicals that break up the molecules in the smoke to get rid of the odors before dry cleaning them. Our team of professionals knows which chemicals to apply to treat your home’s damage.

Our Services

ServiceMaster Restore® will evaluate the house and determine what items are salvageable and what needs to be replaced. Our team will:

  • Clean the ash residue that builds up on surfaces before it starts to spread to keep it contained in the smoke damaged area of the house
  • Locate odors and treat them
  • Neutralize the odors to keep them from returning after you are back in your home
  • Treat items that are sealed throughout the process to make sure no odors spread back around in the air

Most restoration and clean up processes are covered by your insurance company. ServiceMaster Restore® will work with your insurance provider as we eliminate smoke damage and make sure your home smoke damage restoration service is complete. Together we will help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us as soon as disaster strikes to start rebuilding.


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