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Church_and_fire_truckA fire can be devastating to a business. Even after the fire is out and the last fire truck has pulled away, you are still left with the smoke damage. When it comes to your business and your livelihood, time is extremely important. Not only does more immediate cleanup increase the chances of a successful restoration, but it also helps you to get your business back up and running smoothly.

Call a Professional Immediately

It is important to call in a professional for the cleaning and smoke damage restoration of a commercial building. ServiceMaster Restore® professionals have the knowledge and the equipment needed to perform the restoration correctly and minimize the amount of damage. There is a big difference between smoke and soot, and trained workers will know the difference and how to deal with each one correctly.

Take Action

ServiceMaster Smoke Damage Chicago It is essential that smoke removal starts as soon as possible. If left on surfaces around the building, smoke can cause corrosion and discoloration as well as leave odors behind that become harder to remove the longer they stay. ServiceMaster Restore® professional cleaners will come in and stop any extra damage from occurring before it becomes a bigger problem. Many people don’t realize that smoke damage from a fire is not limited to what you can see. It can get into the ventilation systems and spread throughout a building leaving odors behind. The soot from the smoke can also smear into the walls changing the texture of the plaster.

The quicker you call in our professionals to remove smoke damage, the lower the cost could be. After just a few days or weeks, the cost for cleanup will significantly increase. Materials such as metals, wood, and carpets may need to be completely replaced if the damage sits for too long. Immediate action could mean the difference between replacing items or cleaning them.

Services We Offer

Once the ServiceMaster RCS team arrives, we will determine what is salvageable and what needs to be thrown away. Our professionals:

  • Remove ash residue on surfaces around the building and keep it from spreading around to other areas that may not have damage
  • Find the source of smoke odors
  • Use special detergents and chemicals designed to neutralize smoke odors
  • Treat surfaces, walls, vents, and material such as desk chairs and even the plants, and then seal them away to keep them clean and to prevent any odors in the future
  • Check areas that you may not think of such as light fixtures, the air ducts, and ventilation fans for damage. Checking these types of items will help to prevent them from short circuiting due to smoke damage.

In most cases, your insurance will cover the smoke damage restoration process. It is important to check with your carrier to confirm coverage. ServiceMaster RCS work with them to make sure the job is done quickly and efficiently. With a plan in place, you can sleep at night knowing you’re prepared for any emergency.